The Wayfarers










Mattias started planning the expedition a year ago.

“As I was born and brought up in Jämtland, so spending time in the mountains has always been a natural part of my life. The idea of carrying out an expedition through the Swedish mountains was born when I was studying “Mountain and Wilderness leadership” in Malung in 2005. The idea didn’t go away and last spring I decided to make my dream come true. I started planning for an expedition on which I would ski from Grövelsjön up to Treriksröset in the north! A vision would become reality!”
At Christmas, the person that Mattias had planned to make the trip with pulled out. A mutual acquaintance then suggested that he should ask Anna. “I’ve had many dreams about making an expedition, and carried out many smaller ones in the mountains of Sweden, both on skis and dog-sleds, in competitions or as recreation. When Mattias asked me about the expedition I didn’t hesitate, even though we had never met before. It starts on Mattias’ home ground, while we finish the expedition in mine, in northern Lapland, above the Arctic Circle and its awe-inspiring mountains.”
“We are both extremely experienced in winter conditions in the mountains and, as the personal chemistry worked, we decided to go ahead and do the expedition together. We saw that we could trust each other’s skills and knowledge, even in extreme environments and difficult weather.” Mattias did his military service at K4 Arvidsjaure, the Norrland commando regiment, which means that he is well aware of how demanding the expedition will be. Anna, as a former emergency/ambulance medic, has learnt to handle problem-solving and situations that are both physically and mentally stressful, which means that the partnership has a solid foundation.